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Founder Friday: The State of Startups in the Southeast 2021 – Panoramic Ventures
If you've followed the tech startup scene in Atlanta, it's nearly impossible not to know who BIP Capital is and ...
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How To Speak Recruiter
Ever wonder what in the world your recruiter is saying? Well, today, we're breaking down some of the ...
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Founder Friday: Inc’s Top 146 Founder-Friendly Investors
Founders are often pitching to raise capital, but vetting potential investors for fit is critical. After all, they ...
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The Art of the Pivot
On Monday, Inc. published a piece on TikTok's move to offer other features for their creators (TikTok Now Has 1 Billion ...
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Founder Friday: Tips on Hiring & Team Evaluations
For us, Founder Friday is more than sharing a cool founder story of going from four people sharing ...
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Founder Friday: NEXT Venture Pitch 2021
Last Thursday, our co-founders attended the sold-out NEXT Venture Pitch. For those unfamiliar with NEXT Venture Pitch, it is ...
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Is work from home bad for innovation?
We're a remote organization, so we are fans of companies pushing the innovation envelope while having a WFH ...
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Founder Friday: A Master Class on Interviewing – Robert Hatta from Drive Capital
Founder Friday is one of our favorite features. Sometimes, however, we aren't sharing founder stories but instead resources ...
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Founder Friday: Brian Armstrong of Coinbase
A story from Wednesday's Morning Brew helped inspire this week's Founder Friday. And if you're a fan of ...
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Women’s Equality Day 2021
Today is Women's Equality Day 2021 in the United States. Here's why today should be important to your ...
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COVID Vaccination Policies
We've fielded a lot of questions from clients and candidates about COVID Vaccination Policies. Whether or not they ...
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CBRE’s 2021 Scoring Tech Talent
If you hire tech talent, you need to read July's CBRE report. "Scoring Tech Talent" is a 146-page free comprehensive ...
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Comparably’s 2021 Leadership Awards
Are you looking for a resource to compare employers, brands, and salaries? We recommend adding Comparably to your "go-to" list. ...
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Remote Teams Fun
Laughter's tremendous impacts on personal health and workplace culture have been studied and documented for years. Companies have ...
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The Great Resignation
We've all studied "The Great Depression," we've worked through/lived through "The Great Recession," but now companies are facing ...
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WFH Turnover
Q1/early Q2 has shown that candidates will be pursuing new roles at alarming rates in 2021. According to ...
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