As the software engineering landscape continues to evolve, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping the developer experience is becoming increasingly apparent. A recent survey by GitHub and Wakefield Research provides valuable insights into how AI influences developer experience, productivity, and collaboration.

Key Findings
  • AI is already in use: A staggering 92% of U.S.-based developers working in large companies report using an AI coding tool at work or in their personal time. 70% of these developers see significant benefits from using these tools.
  • AI enhances performance: Developers believe that AI coding tools can help them meet existing performance standards with improved code quality, faster outputs, and fewer production-level incidents.
  • AI fosters collaboration: More than 4 in 5 software engineers surveyed (81%) say AI coding tools will help increase collaboration within their teams and organizations.
  • AI aids in upskilling: 57% of developers believe AI coding tools help them improve their coding language skills. 41% of software engineers believe AI coding tools can help prevent burnout.
The Developer Experience

The developer experience (DevEx) is a crucial aspect of software development. It determines how efficiently and productively developers can exceed standards, enter a flow state, and drive impact. The survey reveals that developers want to upskill, design solutions, get feedback from end users, and be evaluated on their communication skills. However, wait times on builds and tests, as well as the current performance metrics they’re evaluated on, are getting in the way.

The Power of Collaboration

Software engineers thrive in collaborative environments. In the survey, developers say they work with an average of 21 other developers on a typical project—and 52% report working with other teams daily or weekly. They rank regular touchpoints as the essential factor for effective collaboration. Effective developer collaboration improves code quality and should be a performance measure.

The Role of AI

AI is transforming how developers approach their day-to-day work. Software engineers believe that AI coding tools will increase productivity and performance. They also think that these tools will lead to greater team collaboration. Developers widely think AI coding tools will layer into existing workflows and bring greater efficiencies.


The survey results suggest that AI is here to stay and is already significantly impacting the developer experience. AI coding tools are improving individual performance, enhancing team collaboration, and providing upskilling opportunities. As AI technology advances, these coding tools will likely have an even more significant impact on developer performance and upskilling.


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