Hiring STEM talent is challenging.
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Recruiting Reimagined

Whether you're a big tech firm aiming to meet DE&I requirements, a digital health company seeking a partner versed in payer/provider/patient dynamics, a large manufacturer in need of skilled employees, an organization requiring security clearance or compliance expertise, or a Seed/Series A+ startup, our team is prepared to find the talent you need. 




Engineering / Manufacturing


Life Sciences / Healthcare



Core Beliefs

A seasoned and experienced team

Our co-founders boast nearly 40 years of combined experience in tackling some of the most demanding and niche roles nationwide. As we expand, we continually bring on experienced professionals who are experts in the niches we serve.

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Relationship and quality-driven, not quota-driven

Companies and candidates often suffer from recruiting firm quotas, leading to a focus on self-interest rather than the needs of the clients and candidates. This results in diminished quality and wasted time. We have zero quotas! Instead, we measure our success by the relationships we build and the quality of the matches we make.

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Artificial Intelligence

Enhanced expertise with a leading tech stack

We heavily invest in proven technologies, emerging tech, and even develop our own tools, all aimed at discovering untapped or passive candidate pools, accelerating delivery, and fostering relationships. Our tech stack features unparalleled data resources, an expanding list of AI tools, smart automation, an integrated ecosystem, and custom-built proprietary solutions when needed.


Innovative strategies inspired by other industries

We incorporate B2B demand gen, B2C growth hacking, Agile methodologies, and a Product Led Growth mindset to constantly innovate and enhance our recruiting, recruitment marketing, talent mapping, and engagement efforts. By thinking outside the box and learning from industries beyond our own, we maintain a competitive edge.


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