Talent Solutions for High-Tech,
High-Growth Companies

Whether you are at seed funding stage or already
publicly traded, we have you covered

Recruiting Reimagined

Inspired by SaaS companies and a Product-Led Growth mindset, we’re changing the game…
Agile. Innovative. Service-driven. Accountable. Passive candidate-focused. This is what recruiting should look like. We didn’t simply set out to start another recruiting firm; we set out to fix what was broken.

One size does not fit all. Choose the right solution for your unique needs...
Sourcing/Research is great for larger internal talent acquisition teams when a helping hand is needed to source ideal candidate backgrounds; our Placement as a Service was created with startups in mind and offers distributed payments to help more easily manage scaling and burn rates; we reimagined the retained Executive Search model to be more accessible and tied to performance. And, we still offer a traditional Contingent Search model as well.


  • Alternative to traditional retained
  • 12-month guarantee + 6-month protection
  • Reduced fees for candidates you add to the process

as a Service

  • 12 distributed monthly payments
  • You only “pay as they stay” for each month the candidate remains employed
  • Great option for startups & SMBs


  • Traditional contingent search model
  • 90-day placement guarantee
  • Net 30 payment terms from placed employee’s start date


  • Augments your internal talent acquisition efforts
  • Ideal for global executive search teams recruiting CXO, Director, and niche IC roles
  • Great for diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) talent sourcing
Introducing Placements

Proven experience
with top companies

We’ve partnered with some of the top companies in the world. Through our background in retained, exclusive and contingent searches, we’ve proven ourselves as reliable partners. We support clients across the country and the globe, from start-ups to Global 500 to Fortune 50 companies.

Retained Executive

Built for high tech,
high-growth needs

The more niche the role, the more challenging it is to find the right hire. Our co-founders have more than 30 years of executive and technical recruiting experience. We have the experience and expertise to help should you need a CTO or CGO, help in building out an AI/ML team, software engineers, demand gen, technical sales or a member of your DevOps team.

Retained Executive
Contingent Search

Agile, innovative, and relationship-driven

We have conducted searches in markets across the country from Seattle to Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, Maine to Miami, Silicon Valley to Silicon Harbor, Austin to Chicago, Atlanta to LA, tech meccas, mid-markets, and places most people haven’t ever heard of.

There is no role, no location, and no challenge we can’t tackle.

The Best Roles on the Top Teams

We fill roles for some of the top engineering and product teams in the world. Whether you are looking for an Immersive Technology Leader, Embedded Developer, Blockchain Architect, or a Build/Release Engineer, we’ve got you covered.

AI & Data Science
AI & Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Data Science
Machine Learning (ML)

Agile / Scrum
Agile / Scrum

Product Mgr / Owner
Project Mgmt
Scrum Master


Data Engineer / Architect
Database Administrator
Database Warehouse


User Experience (UX)
User Interface (UI)


Software Engineer / Architect
Testing / Quality Assurance (QA)

Growth / Sales / Marketing
Growth / Sales / Marketing

Demand Generation
Growth Hacker
SaaS Sales

Internal IT / G&A
Internal IT / G&A

Corporate Systems
Automation / RPA
Infrastructure / Networking

Leadership / Management
Leadership / Management



Electronic Engineer
SaMD Regulatory
Unlisted Niche Tech Roles

Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Business Intelligence
Descriptive Analytics

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