Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs

  • We can never win if our clients and the candidates we work with don’t win first.
  • We operate on building relationships, not hitting quotas. Quotas emphasize transactions.
  • We will always be a leader in adopting new technologies, AI, and automation; but we do it to promote human interactions.
  • We only hire those as passionate about helping people as we are. That extends outside of work and into our communities.
Core Beliefs

Our Team

VP of Customer Success

Jason Mitchell

Talent Researcher

Sam Sanders


Blake Coleman


Penn Sanders

Causes we Support

Causes we Support

We believe the best way to change the world is to focus on breaking down barriers of entry. That’s why a percentage of all profits are used for initiatives tied to:

  • Funding for Title I schools
  • Computer Science and STEM K-12 outreach
  • Community outreach & inclusion initiatives

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Are you tired of the focus being on some arbitrary number of client meetings or daily calls/emails? Is talent acquisition thought of as a cost center in your organization? We value relationships over metrics, and believe in hiring experienced talent with a passion for helping people and technical sourcing/recruiting. Then, we give them the tools to be successful and get out of their way. Sound like you? Let's chat!