Atlanta will not continue to grow after the ’96 Olympics… they really nailed that one, ha!

In 1996, the world came to Atlanta as the host of the Olympic Games. It was amazing not only for Atlanta or Georgia but for the entire region. Some said the growth would level off or slow leading up to the Olympics. Well, that’s been far from the case.

Recently the Washington Post published the article Atlanta Has More Going for It Than Any US Metropolis. The piece points out some great reasons why Atlanta is emerging as one of the top cities in the country.

So what makes Atlanta so hot right now?

  • 1996 = 11th largest US metro vs. 2022 = 8th largest US metro and has had one of the highest growth rates since 1980
  • It’s home to the busiest airports in the world
  • Atlanta has emerged as one of the hottest film production markets in the country
  • It has emerged as one of the world’s FinTech capitals (70% of all global transactions pass-through companies headquartered in Atlanta)
  • The number of tech-related grads is growing faster in Atlanta than anywhere else in the country, and the most diverse tech market amongst the top 10 tech markets
  • The second-largest majority-black area, and at 34% of the population, Atlanta had the highest percentage of black population among the Top 25 metros
  • The 9th largest LGBTQ community and the 6th highest per capita percentage among the Top 25 LGBTQ metro populations

When you add a relatively cheap cost of living compared to other major markets, it’s easy to see why startups and major tech giants are flocking to Atlanta.

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