Building the right culture is hard to do. It is something that founders must be strategic about out of the gates. Here are some helpful hints that we’ve learned along the way from founders in our network and various resources on the subject (sources found below)…

What founders have shared with us…

  • As a founder, you cannot expect everyone to mirror your commitment to your startup. They don’t have the same skin in the game that you have; they will not be rewarded as highly should there be a transaction/IPO, and it is not their passion project
  • Define your core values, make sure they are clearly understood, live them, and expect others to do the same
  • Your people being successful and happy determine whether or not you’ll be successful and happy
  • Find a mentor from within a company whose culture you admire
  • Always start from a place of empathy

Wired:  How Do You Define Startup Culture?

  • What is startup culture?
  • Know what you value
  • Don’t create another cookie-cutter culture, or how to be sustainable
  • How founders define startup culture

Visible: How to Build A Startup Culture That Everybody Wants

  • What is startup culture?
  • Why culture is so important to startups
  • Who owns culture building at startups
  • 5 steps to build a desirable startup culture
  • How to maintain culture while growing
  • 5 great company culture examples
  • What’s it like working for a startup
  • Why should someone pick your company?

Failory: What is Startup Culture & How to Build It in 2022

  • What is startup culture?
  • Why is startup culture important?
  • Who’s responsible for setting it?
  • How can you build a successful startup culture?
  • 5 ideal startup cultures

Y Combinator:  Building Culture

  • Video and transcript of YC Partner, Tim Brady

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