Founder Friday: Crescent Startup Community & The City We Call Home

*Photo Credit: Alexandr Grichenko/digidreamgrafix

We all know the saying, home is where the heart is. That’s why for this week’s Founder Friday installment, we’re sharing some exciting news hot off the presses here in our hometown of Greenville, SC.

Unfamiliar with Greenville? It routinely is listed as one of America’s best small cities/best cities to live, receives countless accolades for its food scene, makes numerous “watch” lists, etc. The quality of life here is amazing. The cost of living is fantastic. But what really has us excited is the budding startup ecosystem that has been created.

And, the secret is out…

Earlier this week, local entrepreneurs and startups learned that the area’s first innovation district, Crescent Startup Community, will break ground in 2022. With support from VentureSouthFurman UniversitySCRA (the South Carolina Research Authority), Flywheel Coworking, and Hartness Development, the foundation is set (who doesn’t appreciate a good pun?) to further transform our startup community.

This old textile town continues to reinvent itself. And, yes, we’re more than a little proud.

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