Did you think we’d miss the opportunity to tie Halloween in with Founder Friday? So in keeping with the theme, what spooks a startup founder?

As we like to do, we did the research, as well as added some founders have shared with us, to come up with this frightful list that keeps founders up at night…

  • Leaving a stable job
  • Pitch rejection
  • Choosing the wrong VC/investor
  • Lack of funding/short runway/high burn rate
  • Losing key team members
  • Making bad hires
  • Inability to scale
  • Fear of failing the team
  • Fear of failing investors
  • Fear of letting down loved ones
  • Product rejection (failed launch, bad pivot, high churn, etc.)
  • Competing products/losing the competitive advantage
  • Not moving fast enough
  • Regrets about moves not made/fear of missing out
  • No longer being innovative
  • Not having the right pricing strategy
  • Being spread too thin/burnout
  • Losing power/control

Every startup founder has one thing in common, they took the plunge and bet on themselves. The risks are huge, and the failure rate is extremely high. And, while there are many things founders fear, even those that fail will often tell you they might change some things that they did, but they wouldn’t change chasing their startup dreams.

Here’s hoping all startup founders get treats in their candy bags this year!


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