If you hire tech talent, you need to read July’s CBRE report. “Scoring Tech Talent” is a 146-page free comprehensive report that covers both the US and Canada.

What’s in it?…

  • The top-50 ranked tech talent markets
  • Diversity demographics
  • Highest and lowest costs to operate in
  • How tech labor impacts real estate

Some things that jumped out to us…

  • Charlotte’s numbers are amazing. CBRE scores them very high related to “brain gain” (producing more tech jobs than tech graduates), diversity, millennial population, and one of the top labor pool growth rates
  • Nashville also had strong brain gain and diversity scores, but blew every US city outside of Jacksonville out of the water with regards to having the lowest estimated one-year company costs
  • Austin and Los Angeles scoring so low with regards to diversity
  • Canada crushed the US with regards to their Labor Quality vs. Labor Cost scores
  • The often-overlooked tech scene of Washington, DC had an overall score that placed them third
  • Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, and Pheonix had some great scores related to the number of software developers as a percentage of overall tech talent


*Image from CBRE Insights 2021 Scoring Tech Talent post

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