Founder Friday: A Master Class on Interviewing – Robert Hatta from Drive Capital

Founder Friday is one of our favorite features. Sometimes, however, we aren’t sharing founder stories but instead resources or advice for startups. We also recognize the need to share insights from thought leaders from outside of the recruiting agency world.

If you’ve followed our posts in the past, you know that we’re huge fans of the venture captial firm Drive Capital. We’ve even shared their very own founding story in the past. We love their Stories section, their podcasts, and their YouTube channel is can’t miss.

Recently, Robert Hatta, Partner, shared a video on their YouTube Channel titled “A Master Class On Interviewing for Startups.” It is something that every founder, startup leader, and startup talent acquisition team should watch.

It wouldn’t be right to give away Robert’s material, so here is a brief listing of all he covers…

  • The Wrong Way
  • The Job Description
  • The Process
  • The Interview
  • References
  • Move Quickly
  • Buy And Sell
  • Make An Offer
  • Prep For Counter
  • Stay On Offense

Why should you trust Robert and the Drive team? Drive has become a leader in building billion-dollar companies outside of Silicon Valley. Their portfolio includes IPO shops Duolingo and Root Inc, and current members OliveUdacityGreenlightHologramApplyBoardBranch, and Beam Dental, to name a few. They are one of the top VC firms focused on American emerging markets, and truly partner with their member companies to help them far more than capital alone.

*Image of Robert Hatta taken from Drive Capital Team page

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