Founder Friday: Charlotte’s – Philanthropy-as-a-Service

We remind ourselves daily to be “for purpose” and not merely “for profit.” That’s why the company we are featuring in this week’s Founder, is a regional fintech startup that has caught our attention.

Founded in 2017, Charlotte‘s Amicus has built a donor-advised fund (DAF) platform. Specifically, they are offering a solution that makes it easier for consumer banks, robo-advisors, and wealth advisories to manage their customers’ end-to-end (contribute, invest, and grant) charitable giving.

The best story we found on Amicus’ beginning is an article in TriplePundit written last year (Putting Consumer Digital Banking at the Heart of Philanthropy). Amy Brown sheds light on what motivated Walt Ruloff to start this journey and why Cor Hoekstra would leave IBM to join him.

One thing is sure; Amicus has figured out how to democratize something that used to be reserved only for high net-worth individuals.

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