Entrata co-founder Dave Bateman is on the far right

A couple of weeks ago, we shared the story of Better.com’s Vishal Garg’s Zoom firing of 900 employees. It was a colossal misstep that cost Vishal his job.

They say misery loves company, so today, we’re sharing a story that emerged this week of yet another founder doing the unthinkable. This time we head to Silicon Slopes. This week Entrata co-founder, chairman, and former CEO Dave Bateman had to step down from his chairman position, and the company cut all ties with him. 

Why do you ask? Dave sent an email to Utah tech company leaders and prominent politicians where he claimed “the Jews” were using the COVID-19 vaccine to “euthanize the American people.” He even backed it up in text messages with Salt Lake City’s Fox 13.

In July, it was a much different story for Entrata. They were making news in a positive way after having raised $507 million. The impressive group of investors included Qaultrics founder and Utah Jazz owner Ryan SmithVivint founder Todd PedersenDomo founder Josh James, and the PE firm Silver Lake. What was incredibly remarkable about that feat was that up until that point, Entrata was bootstrapped.

Now, those still at the company, investors, and the Silicon Slopes tech community are left to clean up the mess of an erratic founder.

Why does it seem like more stories like this are emerging? Why do some founders feel there’s nothing they can’t do or say?


*Image used as published in the included Forbes article

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