Is your company fostering a culture that creates disgruntled employees?

The Twitter source code link got us thinking, is your company fostering a culture that creates disgruntled employees? We don’t expect many to say “yes” to that question, but more importantly, what can you do to ensure that doesn’t become the case?

2022 introduced us to the new term “quiet quitting,” but managing disgruntled employees has long been an issue for managers. In 2012, Harvard Business Review published an article tackling the very subject. In it, Joesph Fokman suggested businesses do these six things…

  • Encourage me more
  • Trust me more
  • Keep me in the loop
  • Be more honest with me
  • Connect with me more

It seems pretty simple, right? A lot more goes into it, especially when you consider what is most important to today’s workforce (source Gallup)…

  • Work-life balance
  • The ability to focus on what they are best at

Every manager can directly impact those two motivations.

Last year, Forbes even gave us a playbook to ward off quiet quitting…

  • Develop A Communication Strategy
  • Be Open And Transparent
  • Schedule Weekly 1:1 Meetings
  • Go On A Listening Tour
  • Foster Employee Engagement And Growth
  • Have A Constructive Dialogue To Ignite Renewed Motivation
  • Express Your Thanks For Employee Contributions
  • Treat 1:1s Like Stay Interviews
  • Address Concerns Immediately
  • Identify Business-Wide Patterns
  • Use Feedback To Evolve Work Culture
  • Invest In Your Team’s Well-Being
  • Find Out How To Be More Supportive
  • Foster Two-Way Communication
  • Monitor For Potential Employee Overload
  • Offer To Provide Mentorship

It may seem like common sense, but have you asked your team how you, as a leader, are doing in those areas? Have you asked them what they need from you or the company to be the best version of themselves? You might be surprised by what you hear.

There are tons of great resources out there. A great starting point is the three resources we used in putting this blog together…

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