Imagine finding the perfect candidate with the click of a button. RecTech companies promising AI to do just that and others to help screen/grade applicants are popping up more and more. Sounds great, right? Well, only if your use of AI keeps you compliant with the changing laws.

Don’t panic, though! We’ll break down the key things you need to know as of June 2024 to keep your use of AI in hiring fair and legal.

State of the (AI) Nation: Are You Compliant?

States are scrambling to regulate AI, and staying compliant is crucial. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the regulations:

  • New York City: Got Bias? We’ll Find Out! NYC requires companies to conduct annual audits to ensure their AI hiring tools aren’t biased. Transparency is key, so be prepared to share the results!
  • Colorado: Fight the Bias Borg! Colorado mandates AI risk management plans. This means assessing your AI for bias and reporting any issues. Unfair hiring practices are a thing of the past!
  • Maryland: Privacy First! Maryland restricts the use of facial recognition technology in job interviews unless the candidate gives their consent. Respecting candidate rights is paramount in the AI age.
  • Illinois: No Sharing Candidate Secrets! The Land of Lincoln prohibits sharing applicant videos analyzed by AI without the candidate’s consent. Respecting candidate privacy is essential for ethical AI hiring.

And more are sure to come.

National AI Landscape: Don’t Forget the Feds!

There’s more to the story than just state laws:

  • The EEOC Wants Fairness! The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission emphasizes fairness in AI hiring tools. Basically, think “Star Trek” utopia, not robot overlords taking your jobs. Their latest guidance helps you identify and remove potential bias in your AI.
  • Respect Candidate Privacy. Getting a candidate’s consent on how their data is used is essential. Don’t be creepy – be clear and upfront about your AI recruitment process.

How To Safeguard Your Team’s Use of AI

Following these tips paves the way for ethical and compliant AI hiring. Here’s how to win in the AI talent game:

  • Be Open and Honest. Communication is key! Let candidates know how AI is used in the hiring process.
  • Get the Green Light. Respect candidate privacy by getting their clear go-ahead before using their data with AI tools.
  • Set Clear Rules. Having clear guidelines for AI recruitment ensures consistency and fairness throughout the process.
  • Bookmark This URL. A running list of states and localities that regulate AI in hiring | HR Drive

The Future of AI in HR is Bright (and Legal)!

The world of AI in HR is ever-changing, but with the right knowledge, you can stay ahead of the curve. By prioritizing compliance, ethical practices, and fairness, you can leverage the power of AI to build a more inclusive and successful recruitment strategy.

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