Individuals are not the only ones that can make New Year’s resolutions for 2023. Like their team members, companies should strive to improve. We produced a list of potential resolutions your company can use this year… 

  • Continue/start working on DE&I initiatives
  • Adopt a pay equity mindset (we are bigger on pay equity vs. pay transparency at this point) 
  • Consider adding to the holiday calendar and working on mental health and community involvement days 
  • Look to other industries for new practices your company can use to improve growth and revenue 
  • Create an education team to refine training, learning/professional development, and mentorship within your company 
  • Conduct a company brainstorming contribution survey (every employee is required to submit at least one idea on what the company could do better to impact sales, etc.) 
  • Have a monthly team activity and work on team bonding (it could be as simple as lunch or as complex as a video call murder mystery) 
  • Keep a weekly team journal where we write at least one group win, one group loss, and one team goal for the next week 

And a big step to making a resolution and sticking to it is letting it be known, so share your resolutions with your team and ask them to help hold you accountable. 

Here’s to 2023! 

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