Tech was exceptionally well represented during Super Bowl LVI. In fact, the bulk of this year’s commercials seemed to be tied to tech platforms and services.

Here is a list of the commercials tech spots that ran during the Super Bowl…

  • Amazon gave us a glimpse into what life would be like if Alexa read minds
  • AT&T had a commercial for its fiber network that pitted Ashton Kutcher’s wife and ex-wife against each other for the Most Admired Alum award from the high school both attended
  • highlighted that while they might not be great at naming, they are great for travel needs
  • Caesar’s Sportsbook has joined the tech gambling arena and used the Mannings to help “pass the gravy”
  • Coinbase made history by being the first crypto Super Bowl ad with their bouncing QR code which was popular enough that it caused their site to crash (story linked below)
  • Disney+ reminded us all that they are the home of many a G.O.A.T.
  • DraftKings made sure users would login to see if their accounts were the five lucky accounts to have a $1 million added to them to bet on the game
  • E*Trade brought the baby advisor back from “off the grid” to make sure the masses knew there were better resources than social media to get sound financial advice
  • Expedia reminded us to focus on life’s experiences and not simply “stuff”
  • FTX took a walk through histories doubters of great ideas as it encouraged us not to miss the opportunity to get into crypto
  • Google introduced the world to Real Tone on their Pixel 6 
  • Greenlight used Ty Burrell to highlight how not to manage your finances
  • Headspace let the world know we can now all sleep with John Legend
  • Intuit had a spot that showed entrepreneurs how they could combine QuickBooks with their newly acquired Mailchimp to run their businesses easier
  • Meta showed how Quest 2 could bring old friends together while also making us long for restaurants with animatronic shows
  • Rakuten took to the poker table to push their cash back app
  • Rocket Mortgage made sure everyone knew that if you want to get your own Barbie Dream House, make your offer as competitive as possible by having a verified approval in hand
  • Salesforce used its time to push people to focus on the very real issues facing planet earth vs. virtual worlds
  • Squarespace had a play on Sally selling seashells by the seashore
  • T-Mobile had a pair of spots. One pushing their 5G home internet, as well as one pushing owners of 5G compatible phones to make the switch and “do it for the phones”
  • TurboTax highlighted that they have live specialists to help no matter how complex your taxes are
  • Uber Eats made sure people know they can Uber a lot more than food alone
  • Verizon had Jim Carrey reprise his Cable Guy character in their ad for their 5G home offering
  • Vroom used Flake the Musical to appeal to people looking to sell their cars vs. the buyers


*Photo Credit: Variety – Super Bowl 2022 Ads: Most-Viewed Commercials on YouTube

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