Today is the start of Black History Month. If your company is looking for ways to help celebrate with your team, we’ve got you covered.

Before we share some helpful links on how you can celebrate, here’s a helpful article that first outlines what not to do…

Seen@Work:  10 Mistakes Companies Make When Celebrating Black History Month

And here are two of the top articles we found covering great ways for your company to celebrate BHM…

Unexpected Virtual Tours:  22+ Virtual Black History Month Ideas for Work 2022

  • Black History Month virtual team building ideas
  • Events that promote diversity and equity for corporate teams
  • Free creative and fun Black History Month activities
  • COVID-safe Black History Month celebrations
  • Black History Month corporate ideas
  • Team building activities for Black History Month 2022
  • Ways to celebrate the theme of “Black History Month 2022: Black Health and Wellness”

Power to Fly:  24 Ways Companies Are Celebrating Black History Month at Work

This is a collection of how 24 companies celebrated Black History Month in 2021. There are some fantastic ideas.

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